FinEst Market presents: works in progress
Sat 3 Feb 10.00-12.00
Cinema Artis, Hall 2
By invitation only

Industry Talk: New perspectives for documentaries in 2024
Sat 3 Feb 12.30-13.30
Cinema Artis, Hall 2

Selin Murat – IDFA Markets Manager
Anna Kaslová – Ex Oriente Film & East Doc Forum Manager
Veronika F. Dvořáčková – East Silver Manager
Jasmina Vignjević – Syndicado
Jane Ray – Consultant Artistic Director for the Whicker’s World Foundation
Petar Mitric – Head producer BELDOCS

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Sat 03.02 2 pm
Cinema Artis (Estonia pst 9)


Тhe special guest at this year’s DocPoint Tallinn documentary film festival will be Irish-Scottish filmmaker and writer Mark Cousins.

Documentary filmmaker and film thinker Mark Cousins is best known for his lengthy treatments of film history, which offer his poetic and unique take on some of cinema’s greatest works and events. Four of his highly acclaimed films – “A Story of Children and Film”, “I am Belfast”, “My name is Alfred Hitchcock” and “Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise” – will be shown in DocPoint Tallinn’s Mark Cousins special.

Pre-registration here (the number of participants is limited)