Waters of Pastaza

The film explores the concept of children’s maturity in an empowering and hopeful way, where children are exposed to more nature than technology, and childhood takes on a different definition. – – Alves may have cited directors such as Agostino FerranteWerner Herzog and Agnès Varda as key sources of inspiration, but it is the forest and the river that runs through it that act as the real lifeblood of the film. This is a film that revels in its simplicity and encourages the viewer to simplify their own life by reconnecting with the natural world.

Melita Cameron Wood, Modern Times Review

  • Name in Original Language: Juunt Pastaza entsari / Waters of Pastaza
  • Director: Inês T. Alves
  • Country: Portugal
  • Year: 2022
  • Length: 61 min
  • Cinematography: Inês T. Alves
  • Editing: Inês T. Alves
  • Audio: Virgílio Oliveira
  • Production: Oublaum Filme


  • Cinema Artis, hall 2: Sunday, 5.02 - 14:00